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Must Visit Places in Christchurch, NZ:

Air Force Museum of New Zealand:

Air Force Museum of New Zealand, located at Wigram, is responsible for preserving the country’s military and aviation history. The museum consists of six buildings featuring an extensive collection of aviation relics, including objects from former enemy forces. The museum collection primarily consists of objects and aircraft operated during the earlier years of aviation in the country and from WW2 when New Zealanders fought alongside the Allied Forces. If you are visiting with family, look out for events such as Scavenger Hunts, which offers a fun way to explore the Museum. Visitors also have an opportunity to climb into the cockpit of the iconic Skyhawk aircraft.

Isaac Theatre Royal:

Isaac Theatre Royal, located in Christchurch, is a significant place of heritage founded in 1908. It is the only operational Edwardian-style theatre in New Zealand. One of the must-attend functions hosted by the Issac Theatre Royal is the Christmas Function. The theatre also hosts drama workshops and musicals throughout the year to bring young artists together. Visitors can purchase snacks and beverages such as wine and alcohol from any of the bars located on the premises. Isaac Theatre is also accommodative to people of various disabilities – with the provision of wheelchair and bariatric seating.

Victoria Clock tower:

Victoria Clock tower is an important heritage site located in Christchurch. One of the interesting facts about the Victoria Clock Tower is that it was manufactured in England and was delivered to New Zealand in 147 packages in 1860. The Clock Tower, designed by Benjamin Mountfort, was erected in memory of Queen Victoria, who passed away in 1901. While it was temporarily erected on top of the Provincial Council Buildings, it was moved to Victoria Street, where it remains to this day. The Victoria Clock Tower is a must-see place in Christchurch, owing to its great historical importance and attractive architecture.

Bridge of Remembrance:

Bridge of Remembrance, located in Christchurch, is a memorial remembering the soldiers of the First World War. It is one of Christchurch’s two main war memorials and serves as a reminder of the worst results of War crimes. In the past, the archway of the Bridge of Remembrance stood at the end of the east side of the Cashel Street Bridge, which was over the Avon River. The location was opened officially in 1924 on Armistice Day. However, the traffic through the bridge was closed in 1976, and now motorized traffic through the bridge is obsolete. Bridge of Remembrance is one of the must-see locations in Christchurch; you can enjoy a family picnic on the spot.

Bridge of Remembrance

Transitional Cathedral:

Designed by the Japanese architect Shigeru Ban, the Transitional Cathedral was officially opened to the public in 2013. The new church replaced the popular Christchurch Cathedral, which was significantly damaged in the 2011 earthquakes. One of the interesting facts about the Cathedral is that it is made of cardboard tubes and steel shipping containers, the most earthquake-resistant material ever. Because of the materials used in the construction, locals have an unusual name for the church – Cardboard Cathedral.

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