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Interesting things to do in Christchurch, NZ

Visit The International Antarctic Centre:

The International Antarctic Centre in Christchurch is a must place to visit while in New Zealand. Established in 1922, the Centre is close to the International Airport. The Centre educates people about the Antarctic Continent by offering a huge range of experiences to entertain visitors. The Antarctic Centre teaches visitors about the human impact on the content while immersing in an exciting world with penguins and huskies. Visitors can brave an Antarctic Storm without going to Antarctica in the Storm Dome. The Centre also provides educational programs and conducts special events and workshops for children during the holidays.

Antarctic Centre

Ride the Christchurch Gondola:

Christchurch Gondola is one of the top tourist locations in Christchurch, New Zealand. Visitors can travel more than 1000 meters over Mount Cavendish in Port Hills over cable cars. The journey offers some of the most stunning scenic landscapes – including Christchurch City, the Southern Alps covered in snow, and the sparkling blue waters of Pegasus Bay. The cable car journey is a bucket list item; however, be sure to enjoy every minute of it, as the ride is extremely short, lasting only about 15 minutes. Tourists can also enjoy some fresh mountain air by walking some of the trails available.

Enjoy the View from TranzAlpine Train:

For those who want to enjoy a pleasant journey appreciating the beautiful Alpine landscapes, taking a TranzAlpine Train is a must-do item. TranzAlpine train is an inter-city train service that runs across the East and West coasts of New Zealand. The journey starts from Christchurch and ends in Greymouth and is considered one of the most iconic train journeys in the World. You can bask yourself in the beauty of Canterbury Plains and river valleys of Waimakariri River and enjoy the scenic mountain views of the Southern Alps during the journey. The journey takes four and a half hours; however, travelers can enjoy delicious snacks and light meals. TranzAlpine Train is a great way for sightseeing if you don’t have enough time.

Take the Christchurch Tramway:

Christchurch Tramway holds the record of being one of the oldest trams that pass through the urban area of Christchurch. The system operated during the 1800s with steam-operated and horse-pulled trams. The present-day trams in Christchurch operate on electricity. The trams are a great way to tour the city; the tour guides often offer history lessons and interesting facts during sightseeing. You can visit all the city’s key landmarks by purchasing an all-day ticket; visitors can hop on and off anywhere they like. During the ride, you can visit the Canterbury Museum and Botanic Gardens, Cashel Street, New Reagent Street, etc.

Christchurch Tramway

Shopping at New Regent Street:

New Regent Street is one of the best places to shop for friends and family back at home. It is a historic pedestrian mall that features a Spanish Mission architectural style. The iconic spot opened in 1932 and is renowned for its pastel-colored buildings and ornate facades. New Regent Street is regarded as the forerunner to the modern-day shopping malls in New Zealand. You can go to bars and restaurants with friends or enjoy light shopping in several boutique shops lined up across the street.

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