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Places to Visit in Christchurch

Canterbury Museum:

Located at the center of Christchurch City, Canterbury Museum is one of the most important cultural and heritage sites in New Zealand. The Museum was established in 1867 and had one of the world’s largest collections of Antarctic artifacts. The museum building is characterized by a Victorian-era Gothic style. Canterbury Museum is one of the prime locations for tourists to visit, owing to its large, curated collections. Some notable artifacts and objects in the collection include Sno-Cat Tractor, Moa Skeletons, Victoria Cross awarded during WW1, Bohemian Glass Vase dating back from the 19th century, and the bronze statue of Roald Amundsen. The Museum has amassed its large, diverse collections through exchanges with other museums and auctions from around the globe.

Canterbury Museum

Christchurch Art Gallery:

Christchurch Art Gallery, a public art gallery in New Zealand, has a substantial collection of art and artifacts. The gallery opened in 2003, is funded by Christchurch City Council, and is known for its International Art exhibitions. The gallery building boasts a large sculpture known as the Reason for Voyaging. The Art Gallery also collaborates with artists to extend its collections and influence. The Christchurch Gallery is also popular for its exhibitions and events for visiting families and tourists. Some of the most popular collections hosted by the Art Gallery include Cheryl Lucas and Xoe Hall.

Travis Wetland

Travis Wetland Nature Heritage Park:

Travis Wetland is the largest freshwater wetland in Christchurch and is located close to the sea levels. Dogs and other pets are not permitted in the Heritage Park to protect the native wildlife and small birds in the region. Tourists are also prohibited from using Bikes or Skateboards in the location. The Heritage Park is an important conservation site for native plants like Manuka, Flax, and birds. The Travis Wetland Heritage Park also provides tourists with educational programs and classes. You can also enjoy some quiet thinking on one of the trails or gravel pathways. The wetland also hosts a number of group activities such as Planting days and Workdays for the community to participate.


Willowbank Wildlife Reserve:

Willowbank Wildlife Reserve is a nature reserve located in Christchurch, New Zealand. The Wildlife reserve, founded in 1974, is responsible for the conservation of native species such as Tuatara, Kiwi, Brown Teal, etc. Visitors can see native species such as Kiwis in their natural habitat in the Willowbank Wildlife Reserve. Willowbank houses more than 90 different animal species, which include exotic and native species of New Zealand. The Wildlife Reserve also hosts programs to educate the children about the life of a Keeper by helping them feed and care for the animals. The Reserve also brings the local Maori culture to the forefront by hosting educational programs such as Ko Tane.

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