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Popular Casinos to Visit in New Zealand

If you are looking for an entertainment-filled night with friends or family, these casinos are the must-go places in New Zealand. Casinos filled with colorful chiming slot machines and an endless supply of liquor are a great way to end the night in New Zealand. Apart from gambling, these places often host shows and events to entertain guests. Although gambling is a legal activity in New Zealand, it is to be noted that only adults older than 20 are permitted to enter land-based casinos. Here are some of the best casinos to visit in New Zealand.

SkyCity Casino

SkyCity Casino, Auckland:

The SkyCity casino in Auckland is one of the most popular casinos in New Zealand. The SkyCity casino is located the most magnificent venue in Auckland; therefore, finding it won’t be a difficult task. The land-based casino also operates the SkyCity online casino and provides gamblers with over 150 table games and machines. The casino is a pinnacle of luxury to its VIP members, with the provision of a private, intimate setting to play Baccarat, Roulette, and other games. The SkyCity casino also provides a separate room for Baccarat which is open for 24 hours to play with the dealers. The casino prides itself as a responsible and warm host, offering visitors live entertainment events and delicious meals. You can also expect a constant supply of liquor for enjoying a night with your friends. The casino also provides educational classes for beginners to learn the basics of gambling.

Grand Casino, Dunedin:

The Grand Casino, located in the center of Dunedin, is an exciting entertainment venue if you are looking for all-night fun. The casino is known for its world-class gaming tables, delicious dining, and exquisitely designed gaming rooms covered in extravagant mosaic flooring. The casino provides over 180 gaming machines with Slot, Roulette, Poker, Blackjack, and Baccarat. It is important to note that the Grand Casino provides an American version of Roulette. The specialty of the Grand Casino in Dunedin is the availability of an on-site Grand Bar and Restaurant, which specializes in the native New Zealand cuisine. You can also plan events with the casino in the VIP room Book 118, where you can plan an interactive gaming experience alongside the events team.

Queenstown Casino:

SkyCity casino at Queenstown is a popular place among gamblers. It is the ultimate fun and entertainment destination in Queenstown. It is located close to other attractions on the waterfront and is a great place for an extravagant night out. The casino offers live music events and entertainment shows for visitors. Queenstown Casino has all your favorite table games – Baccarat, Blackjack, and Roulette and has over 100 different gaming machines. The casino also offers delicious food from Wild Thyme Bar and Kitchen, the on-site restaurant. Visitors can enjoy native cuisine menus like Pinor Noir, Burgers, Beef Hot Pot, cocktails, and champagne.

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